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MBBS Admission open 2013 in Jharkhand , Jharkhand Admission open for MBBS 2013 | MBBS Admission Jharkhand and other states in India.

MBBS Admission 2013

MBBS Admission just got tougher in top MBBScolleges in India.

For people looking for MBBS Admission in Jharkhand, as well as other states they might soon realize that getting direct admission in MBBS has just got tougher. more in case of top colleges. A recent survey with unnamed mbbs admission consultants confirms the same.

Refer to the articlepublished by the Hindu on May 12, 2013, to know trend for mbbs admission for2013-14

A practical optionthat is gaining popularity is doing MBBS from top medical colleges in China.There are various advantages of pursuing MBBS in China, depending on your aimin life.


Aim: AffordableEducation

Solution: MBBS from abroad is one-third to half of the cost. ClearMCI screening by preparing alongside. Quality of education is of globalstandard as all the Universities are listed by World Health Organization (WHO).So, the degrees are recognized all over the world.


Aim: Work Abroad \Higher Education Abroad

Solution: Many MBBS in India seek opportunities in places like USand Europe. Preparing for MCI also prepares for their council exams and theycan directly go to their dream destination and start practicing or studying.MBBS from abroad have a greater chance of qualifying as an Indian MBBS willstart preparing for council’s exam only when he gets the opportunity whileforeign MBBS would have been preparing for years.



Solution: If one aspires to run a clinic or Hospital of his own,then investing huge amounts in education, is not advisable. One can pursue hiseducation from abroad and invest his saved money till his return and use thatamount to start up his clinic or hospital.


Aim: To build astrong Medical circle

Solution: TheseUniversities invite admissions from all over the world, which IndianUniversities cannot due to their large fee. So, a friendship circle developswith individuals from various countries. Many stay in touch even after theyreturn to their country and interact regarding new medical innovations takingplace in their countries, share case studies and opportunities for furtherresearch and employment.

Trends of MBBS in China

In 2010- 400

In 2011-4000

In 2012- 6000

In 2013- 12000expected

So, each year is seeinga steady growth as MBBS education is still out of reach in India for many. But,the seats are limited.


Reasons to study MBBSin China

·        A recent WHO surveyhas put China on global rank 4th   inMedical Education.

·        Similar duration, curriculum and exam pattern as in India.

·        Internship in India or China.

·        Best Faculty for MBBS in China is selected from India, USAand China.

·        Top MBBS colleges inChina prepare for MCI Screening Training alongside studies.

·        Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls.

·        Indian food throughout the year.

·        Cost of flights is low as China is a neighboring country.


List of top MBBS Universities in China



Total Seats

Medical Seats Availability Status

Sichuan University

Chengdu, West China



Dali University

Yunnan provincial



Kunming University




Hebei United University

Hebei Province



Xiamen University




Southern Medical University




Weifang Medical Univesity




Nanchang University




Jinan University


180 (non MCI for non Indian)


Wuhan University




Hubei College of TCM




These are top MBBSUniversities in China, there are over 50 such colleges offering MBBS in China.So, there are limited seats.

The following is alist of MBBS colleges in Jharkhand.


List of colleges offering MBBS in Jharkhand


M.G.M. Medical College .JAMSHEDPUR   

Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad    

Rajendra Medical College ,RANCHI 


For Further Information and Query Contact On: 8470822236 , 8470822246


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jyoti sharma
i got 61 percentile in neet exam & want to mbbs admission in M.G.M medical college jamshedpur, what i do ?

Does candidate can get admission in mbbs jharkhand if he got 900 rank category wise in jharkhand in neet ug 2013

Rupam Kumari
Jharkhand -1369 Under obc-505


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