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  • "Being quiet and still I listen to my heart. It is an amazing way to begin my day. Feeling grateful today for this new practice . Have a blessed day my friends!
    --Education Point
  • Are you planning on heading back to school in 2013, but aren't sure what to study? We've done the homework for you and identified some hot options. Keep reading to learn more.
    --Dr. Dhingra
  • Teachers can benefit from reading and writing education articles as a professional development activity. You might also impress your principal by becoming a published author of education articles on this website.
    --Dr. Dhingra
  • Education in india is slowly gaining importance and colleges of national importance like IITs in rural areas is the best example
    --Dr. Dhingra
  • Edumate made a great impact on our faculty and started our school year off on a great note.
  • “We felt that the Edumate Service was best to meet our mission statement ... that all students can and will learn. We passionately believe that, and we looked for a model that would get us to that level of achievement.”